Review of Weight Loss Diet Pills and Supplements

Are you looking for fat loss products that help:

  • Speed up metabolism

  • Burn fat

  • Control appetite

Review the natural supplements below that can help reduce fat by speeding up metabolism and controlling appetite.

Consumer Rating Lipitrex Lipo 6 Trimspa
Helps Metabolize (decrease) Fat Very Good Very Good Average
Ability to Suppress Appetite Very Good Average Average
Controls Glucose and Insulin Spikes Very Good Below Average Very Good
May Cause Shakiness or Nausea No Yes No
Serving Size 4 Gel Capsules 2 Liqui-Caps 1 tablet
Quantity Discounts Yes No No
Lowest Price $49.95 $49.95 $25.19
Guarantee 180 day guarantee None None
Customer Rating High Average Average
Overall Score 94/100 89/100 83/100


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