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Angina Products Reviewed

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Angina Symptoms

What Causes Angina
Research and Treatment

Below is a list of products that are researched by us and rated by you. Each product has the potential to get 100 points. We only list products with a rating of 80 points or more. Our research has been conducted among thousands of users contained within our database. 


Consumer Rating Avadio Heartdrop Formula Cardio Strength
Results 89% user satisfaction 80% user satisfaction 77% user satisfaction
Price $39.95 $34.95 $59.95
Quantity Discounts Yes No Yes
Guarantee 180 days 30 days 90 days
Side Effects None reported None reported Minor Side Effects
Contains Hawthorne Yes Yes No
Contains Magnesium Yes No No
Contains Garlic Yes Yes No
Contains Vitamin-B Yes No No
Contains Coenzyme Q10 Yes No No
Customer Satisfaction High Average Average/Low
Overall Score 96/100 88/100 81/100


Recommended #1: Avadio

Avadio received our number one choice because of the effective formulation. The product contains a complete balance of ingredients that have proven research behind them.

To learn more about Avadio, visit their website at:

Recommended #2: Wings Heartdrop Formula

Wings received our number two selection because it also contained some important ingredients. Although the formulation was not as complete, it may be beneficial.

To learn more about Wings Heartdrop Formula, visit their website at:


Recommended #3:

For those who have tried proven natural products with no luck, this may be a good product to try. It is an overpriced product with an unproven formulation, but it may be helpful for some people.

To learn more about Cardio Strength, visit their website at:


Additional Information

Angina Symptoms

  • Chest pressure under the left breastbone

  • You may feel pain in your arm, shoulder, neck, jaw, or back

  • Tightness or squeezing and aching

  • May feel like indigestion

  • May last  from 1 to 15 minutes

What Causes Angina

Coronary artery disease is caused from cholesterol plaques that narrow the arteries so that they cannot carry as much oxygenated blood. This is one of the main causes of Angina. An Angina attack may occur after:

  • Exercise
  • Emotional excitement
  • Heavy meal

After any of these incidences, the heart is pumping faster and harder which causes the Angina attack.

Research & Treatment Options

Angina is a deadly disease that needs conventional treatment, but can eventually be controlled with natural products. These products can help the flow of blood and provide energy for the heart. Here are some ingredients we have researched to be beneficial for Angina:

  1. Hawthorne- Studies on animals have found that it stimulates the liver to use LDL cholesterol to produce bile salts, cholesterol salts are then flushed out in the liver and in the stool. One study suggests that hawthorne may also prevent irreversible tissue damage during a heart attack.
  2. Magnesium- Magnesium has three important roles. First, it can improve energy production in the heart. Secondly, it has the ability to dilate the coronary arteries resulting in a more efficient delivery of oxygen to the heart. Lastly, has been found to reduce peripheral vascular resistance which may result in reduced damage to the heart.
  3. Garlic- Has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.
  4. Vitamin B- Has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and help with spasms in the coronary arteries.
  5. Coenzyme Q10- Helps combine sugar and oxygen to make energy in your cells. Certain drugs cause your natural Coenzyme Q10 levels to drop. is designed for information purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice or professional services. The information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem you should consult your own doctor.